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Your free facilities management CV template

December 21, 2021

Time to look for a new job and need a new CV?​

We’ve put together this simple CV template for you to copy when creating your own CV. You can download it at the bottom of the page, or you can create your own using these headings:

  1. Contact Details
    You’d be amazed at how many people forget to add their contact details to their CV. No phone number or email address makes it very difficult for a recruiter or hiring manager to get in touch with you!  
  2.  Personal statement
    Just a few lines to help the recruiter or hiring manager to get to know you – who you are, what you’ve been doing in your most recent roles, what you’d like to achieve with your next step, and what you do in your free time.
  3. Expertise
    This should cover your technical ability – any software skills, systems, programmes or technology that you have experience in that help to set you apart in your role.
  4. Career History
    Here’s where you list all your previous job roles. Make sure you add the job title, company name, your start and end date, and an overview of your responsibilities and achievements in the role.
  5. Soft skills
    Your soft skills section should cover the non-technical skills you bring to the role – things like your leadership experience, organisational ability, written and verbal communication. Showcase all the extras your new company will benefit from.
  6. Qualifications
    List your qualifications – both education and workplace qualifications. If you’ve done any extra courses, such as management skills, first aid, or health and safety, pop them in here too.
  7.  Sector experience
    Just 3-4 sentences to give an overview of your experience within the sector you’re working in. It’s worth talking about key clients you’ve worked with or projects you’ve been a part of, and the size of the teams you’ve been involved in, and the role you played.

And that’s all there is to it – keep it simple and informative. Remember to list your achievements and give your recruiter or hiring manager plenty of reasons to give you a call back! And if you’re struggling, just download our CV template and fill in the sections.

Download our CV template here

An editable word version of the CV template for you to fill in:

A more designed pdf version of the CV template that you can copy:

CV template