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Outplacement services provide support to professionals who may face redundancy. It assists employees with navigating the job market, supports their job search, provides interviewing skills and guidance through to the transition of moving into a new role.

Providing Outplacement services ensures that an employer is providing continuous support to their employees even when they departing the business.

Thousands of employers across the UK have widely adopted Outplacement services as part of their redundancy process. Outplacement support is usually available at all job levels within an organisation.

Why should you provide Outplacement support to employees?

  • Protect and strengthen your employer brand– there are many platforms available which allow people to voice their thoughts and opinions, making it very easy for a business’ brand and reputation to be damaged. Redundancies are already tricky to navigate and manage and providing ongoing support to employees departing the company will reduce the risk of damage to your business’ reputation.
  • Continuous support – you will demonstrate to your employees your dedication to supporting employees through their redundancy and job search. You will be ensuring that they are best prepared to carry out their job search and re-enter the workplace in a positive emotional and mental state.
  • Partner with sector experts – finding an Outplacement service which provides tailored sector and recruitment expertise will help you set your ex-employees apart from the rest of the market. A specialist recruitment partner will understand the market/sector and will be to take candidates to the best-suited employers in the market.
  • Enhancing retention and engagement – by providing an Outplacement service to employees, you are demonstrating to employees who remain in the business that you are committed to providing employees with the best possible support when individuals are leaving the company.

How can Outplacement services help your employees?

The FM and Property job market is a competitive and complex market. For an individual who hasn’t been active in the job market for many years, this can be a foreign market to enter. Employers now use a mixture of job boards, social media platforms, networking and video interviewing media to recruit and hire candidates. So it’s essential employers support and provide their employees with a responsive, timely and tailored Outplacement service which is delivered by experts. See more about what our Outplacement Hub has to offer.

Outplacement supports employees emotionally and practically with their job search and re-entering the workplace by providing valuable support in the following areas:

  • CV writing tips and support
  • LinkedIn profile advice
  • Job search advice and assistance
  • Interview advice and support
  • How to engage with potential employers
  • Confidence building advice
  • Mental health and wellbeing advice

How is Outplacement service delivered to employees?

We deliver our Outplacement service via an online platform called the Outplacement Hub. This platform is an innovative, easy to use platform which walks users through the 12 key steps of the redundancy and job search process. Our Outplacement Hub is accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile phone and includes tips, guides, best practices and relevant videos around each stage in the process. See more about what our Outplacement Hub has to offer.

To understand how our Outplacement Hub works, please watch this short demo video which walks you through our Outplacement Hub platform.

If you wish to find out more information around how our Outplacement Hub can support you and your employees, please fill in the form to request a confidential chat with one of our directors.

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