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So I think the biggest thing that I’ve learnt in the last of a few months during lockdown and Corona and obviously since then, is patience. I think naturally I’m quite an  impatient person in anything really, especially  within work, I like to get up and get things done.  

But what we’re finding now is because there are so many more external factors, that decisions can’t necessarily be made as quickly as they used to be.

So whether that’s talking to candidates and then waiting for feedback from CVs we sent or interview feedback as well. They’re a bit more patient in a term that they know it could take a client a  bit longer to make a decision, and also with the clients they might want to do some recruitment,  they may have the sort of plan to do recruitment but they might be waiting on other people in their office because the time that it takes for things to get done now as well everybody isn’t in the office as much as they used to be.

So perhaps our clients are waiting for the next time they’re in the office or next time a physical meeting with one of their colleagues to make a decision, so things can take a little bit longer the process I’ve learned hopefully when things start picking up, this is something I can take moving forward as well and also in my personal life probably could be a bit more patient with that too.

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