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Young Leader of the Year Award

July 15, 2021

The Young Leader of the Year Award is a special category of the PFM awards which celebrates Facilities Management professionals having an impact in their organisations early in their career. 

At Boden Group we’re passionate about finding people fulfilling careers that enable them to flourish, which is why we’ve been proud sponsors of the Young Leader of the Year award for a number of years. 

For us, Facilities Management is a sector that doesn’t get celebrated nearly as much as it deserves. Over the past 18 months the incredible, diligent work of FM professionals has been thrown into the spotlight, and we are excited at the opportunity this brings to show what a fantastic career choice Facilities Management can be. 

Young Leader

Role models for the future

That’s why we’re so proud to be sponsoring the Young Leader of the Year award again this year. In these extraordinary young professionals, we see the selflessness of putting the wellbeing of others first, the strategic initiative of managing people’s health and safety, and the tenacity to take the lead and succeed. Their bright futures will act as a beacon to guide others into what is undoubtedly a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.

We know it can be nerve-wracking to put yourself forward, but we’ve seen the considerable benefits for those who have plucked up the courage. The processes is a helpful and collaborative one, and you will gain far more than you could imagine. So if you’ve been considering putting in an award application, but haven’t yet, here are 3 reasons why you should go for it.

1. Networking

The people you meet during this process could become lifelong friends and mentors. They may pave the way for your future career. There will be a whole range of facilities professionals attending these events, and many of them will be senior leaders within major FM organisations. Having the opportunity to meet and network with them can only help your prospects in the future.

2. Confidence

It’s easy as a young professional to feel overlooked or invisible. But when you stack up all the things you’ve achieved, and start telling your story, you’ll begin to see what a fantastic job you do, and how worthwhile your work really is. There’s nothing more confidence-boosting than hearing that from external partners and award panels!

3. CV building

Winning, or being a runner up in this award category looks fantastic on your CV – it demonstrates to future employers that you have leadership skills, that you build great relationships, and that you are an excellent communicator – all highly desirable skills in the future leadership positions you might be applying for.


The deadline for applications is next Friday, 23rd July, giving you plenty of time to put together your 1500 word entry. You can find the entry form and more information about previous winners on the Emerging Workplace Leaders website, and more information about the awards themselves on the PFM awards website.