Why use a consultant?

September 14, 2021
Ryan McNeil

Ryan McNeil

Ryan McNeil is the Director of our facilities management business, and oversees our Consultancy service. He is an expert in the FM market, and specialises in recruiting for temporary mobilisation and business improvement roles.

Job vacancies hit a record high during August, rising above 1 million, with unemployment rates still falling. More open roles, fewer candidates to fill them. Companies are facing spiralling recruitment costs, and difficulties with staff shortages, leading to projects stalling.
How many vacancies are you fielding right now? What impact is it having on your team and your goals? How many projects aren’t moving forward because you’re short on staff or don’t have key roles filled?
Our consultancy service could be the answer. We can save you time and cut down needless recruitment processes. Instead, one of our high-quality consultants can work within your existing structure. Using their expertise, they’ll move things forward effectively, protecting you from missed deadlines.
The benefit of using a consultancy service is you’ll get a quality professional – without the hassle of a lengthy recruitment process.
Here’s how our consultants could help you:

They're specialists in their field

Our consultants are specialists in their field, with a wide range of skills to add value to your company. They’ll have experience of project management, and we’ll make sure they have worked above the level you require. They might have a skillset that isn't a long-term need within your organisation. That short-term expertise can be a cost-effective way of making sure your projects get the oversight they need.

fm consultant focused on the task

A consultant is focused on the task

Your consultant will be totally focused on the task, meaning your project will move along faster. Often permanent members of staff have a number of responsibilities to juggle. This is especially true within the facilities management sector, where teams are juggling multiple clients or responsibilities. A facilities consultant will have direct experience of delivering similar projects to deadline, without distractions.

This extra focus will save you time and money. And because they’re project focused, and can start immediately, they’re more cost effective than finding a permanent member of staff.

facilities management consultant

They bring an external eye

Our consultants can give a strategic overview and an outside eye to your project. They'll have had experience of similar projects elsewhere. That experience will enable them to advise on best practice. We regularly receive client feedback about how consultants have added value to an organisation. They'll be able to use their external knowledge to improve your outcomes.

project management consultant

A consultant will strengthen your team

Choosing to bring a consultant into your team will strengthen the whole team, bringing leadership, direction, and change management expertise. And that strength will have an impact far beyond their tenure. Their experience and knowledge will upskill your existing team, and leave your company in a stronger position than before they arrived.