Why is project management in facilities management important?

August 10, 2021
James Deeley

James Deeley

James Deeley, our Project Management specialist recruiter, gives his thoughts on why every FM organisation should hire an expert Project Manager to deliver CAPEX projects in the workplace.

“Project Management takes care of itself. We only do maintenance. I don’t need a Project Manager right now.”

Famous last words. Cue an urgent call for an Interim Project Management contractor who can start immediately.

Demand for Project Management

We’ve seen the demand for Capex Project Managers in the FM sector rise over the past 12-months. Now, most Facilities Management providers are building project delivery teams to meet client needs.

The Project Management specialists we work with often have skills above and beyond those required. They’re able to bring expertise, technical knowledge, and fresh ideas. They have years of experience creating CAPEX project programmes that exceed expectations.

But for those who aren’t convinced, here are 5 reasons CAPEX projects within the workplace need project management:

1) Meet the client needs

When a project begins it has many milestones, and those milestones will be in place to meet the client’s quality, time and cost goals.

Most building/M&E projects will need specific experience to meet client or health and safety requirements. Without the specific expertise, projects could miss initial milestones.

Good project management will ensure capex projects stick to a schedule, even when the unexpected occurs. Let’s be honest, the unexpected occurs often in a workplace.

An experienced Project Manager will have a robust plan for executing goals, no matter what bumps occur in the road.

project management professional

2) Focus & leadership

If milestones are not clear, the project is set-up for failure. It is part of a project management role to understand every step of the project and advise team members and sub-contractors, so they’re aware of their contribution to those goals. This leadership will ensure that the project moves in the right direction, providing vision and motivation.

Having a firm grasp on the project means a Capex Project Manager is best placed to prioritise needs. They can make quick and considered decisions where needed. They can keep the team motivated and on track.

3) Quality control

The quality delivered at the end of a project can make or break a client relationship. As a project rolls on, the pressure mounts. Without steady project management, schedules tighten, and rushed tasks could end badly.

A Capex Project Manager spends time communicating with key stakeholders. By gaining commitment early on, they cut the risk of running into a problem. Good project management ensures all the stakeholders involved do their best!

Without it, there’s a chance of running over cost and time or failing Health and Safety audits.

4) Saves time and money

Keeping a project running on time is crucial. It helps client satisfaction, stops budgets from spiralling out of control and reduces knock-on effects to other areas of the business.

Good project management will roadmap the journey of the project, highlighting deadlines and projected spend. An experienced project manager will be able to allocate resources or materials in the most efficient way. This will avoid delays and overspending.

In facilities management, where margins are often tight, this can be the difference between a successful project and a failed one.

project management in facilities management

5) Stakeholder engagement

Project Management is all about communication. CAPEX projects in the facilities management will have multiple stakeholders to keep in the loop. As well as the site team, a Capex Project Manager will communicate with the wider Facilites team, sub-contractors and the client.

They will upload progress reports, update programmes, hold meetings and keep people updated via email comms. Being an expert communicator will make sure that the right information (and the right amount of information) gets to the right people.

So, when do you need a project manager?

A dynamic Capex PM will deliver multiple projects at once and use initiative to improve the outcome of a small construction project for the benefit of your business.

They will develop new projects for the pipeline and win work.

This can have a massive impact on your bottom line, and your client relationships.