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Today it’s World FM Day! This day is celebrated internationally every year. World FM Day is a day dedicated to the international Facilities Management community to celebrate the successes of the FM industry.

Even with the uncertain circumstances regarding COVID-19 and the global economy, it’s important that we still recognise and celebrate the global FM industry and all the work they do.

Celebrating World FM Day 2020

World FM Day is dedicated to recognising and celebrating the successes of those who work within the Facilities Management sector. The purpose of World FM is to show our appreciation to the work that Facilities Management professionals do day in day out as well as the contribution that FM makes to businesses worldwide.

Today we celebrate all the great things that the Facilities Management industry achieve. Especially during this period, the Facilities Management sector has stepped up to support the public sector and the health sector.

Over the last few months, the FM sector has demonstrated many acts of human kindness as they create a much larger narrative of what the FM industry does.

We know the months ahead will be extremely tough, with the impact on FM and the wider economy still unknown, but we should take this time to celebrate the Facilities Management sector.

We want to personally thank every individual in FM who is going the extra mile to do the best they can in the worst of times, and you’re a credit to yourself and to our industry.

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