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Holly Sutton

Holly Sutton

Holly is our recruitment partner for Boden Property, specialising in Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers in Consultancies.

Why work for an SME?

In a candidate short market, where employees can take their pick of roles, one of the questions that many candidates ask themselves is

“Why should I move from a global organisation to work for an SME?”

And it’s a great question – working for a huge company has an obvious draw. But there are a number of reasons why you might want to work for an SME – and some of these benefits can’t be replicated at a larger organisation. Here are just a few:


It’s less likely that you’ll be working as part of a large department, so you’ll have more responsibility and probably be involved in more aspects of the company. There’s often a great deal of variety when you work for an SME, and if you want to, there are far more opportunities to have a strategic influence in the company’s direction.

SME face time

Face time​

Working for a smaller business gives you far more opportunities to have your ideas heard at the highest levels. You’ll have more face time with senior members of the organisation, and it’s likely that your work will be more noticeable because of that. If you want face time with people higher up in the company, you might want to work for an SME.

Career development

Having more visibility within the company, and a greater autonomy to manage your workload will inevitably lead to opportunities to progress faster than at a larger organisation. It’s easier to shine and prove yourself to be a major asset to the company, meaning you’re more likely to move into a more senior position quickly.


While SME employers may not be able to compete on salary, what they often offer is a greater level of flexibility, and a more thought through company culture. You’re more likely to be able to customise your hours around childcare or work from home for part of the week. You may find a more relaxed office environment, more team activities and a more supportive atmosphere.

Red tape

At larger organisations it can be challenging to get things done or start new initiatives, due to the systems and governance of the company. When you work for an SME, however, it can be far easier to respond quickly to changes in the market, develop new products, or implement solutions. For innovative people, SME’s offer a great opportunity to pursue your ideas, and see your vision come to life.

So, is working for an SME right for you?

Almost certainly! If you love to contribute strategically, if you’re looking for career development, and if company culture is important to you, an SME is a great option for your next role.

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