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4 Tips to Getting The Best Out Of Your Candidate At Interview Stage (infographic)

September 9, 2019

We have all been involved in interviews that go wrong.

Sometimes this can be down to something as simple as a nervous candidate. This could mean that you miss out on a great hire, who is the perfect fit for the role.

It’s very important to create an environment that is both comfortable and welcoming, allowing the candidate to show their best qualities, which in turn allows you to find the best talent.

These tips will allow your candidate to feel more comfortable in the interview, responding to your questions honestly and showing their best side – giving you the perfect occasion to truly assess their talent.

Implementing the following tips could really help a candidate be more prepared and less nervous to attend an interview with your company.

So don’t forget to the following points;

  • Give as much information to the candidate to allow them to prepare,
  • Arrange for somebody to greet the candidate when they arrive
  • Be friendly and inviting
  • Give candidates enough time to respond

getting the best put of candidates infographic