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As technology becomes part of hiring the process, you may need to attend an interview by video conference. There are a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of carrying out a successful video interview.

Here are some tips for conducting a successful video interview:
Be open to video interviews:
Be sure to let your recruiter/ hiring manager know that you are open to video interviews.
Locate a good space for your video interview:
Find and set up a place you can use for your video interviews as it will give the interviewer a professional impression. Make sure that your background and surroundings are tidy and that there isn’t bright light behind you.
Prepare for your interview:
Prepare for the interview as you would prepare for a face to face interview. It is just as important to prepare answers and think of scenarios where your experience and knowledge fit the job description. See our article on how to prepare for an interview.
What should you wear?
Be sure to dress for the occasion, just because you are not in front of the interviewer doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress appropriately, and no don’t just dress your bottom half. You don’t have to wear your best three-piece suit but do wear a shirt and trouser with a tie and for the ladies keep the outfit professional.
Make sure your technology and devices are working?
Check your wifi network is running smoothly and that you will not experience random disconnection. Make sure you have any software required to attend your video interview downloaded, working correctly, and you know how to use any additional features such as screen sharing.
How to conduct yourself?
Just as you would be aware of your body language in a face to face interview The interviewer will be focusing on your body language during your video interview. So ensure that you are sitting in a professional manner and that you use your body language positively.
Be organised and on time:
You must be on time for your video interview. You should sign in to your assigned meeting a few minutes early to double-check that you don’t have any technical issues.
Have questions prepared:
It is always good practice to ask the interviewer questions at the end of the interview just as you would in a face to face interview. Questions to ask in an interview.
Follow up with the recruiter after the interview:
After the interview, you should follow up with your recruiter to share your thoughts on how the interview went.  

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