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Time to ditch the cover letter

December 1, 2021

Just think for a minute… how many people are applying for the job you want? If you think that you’re standing out with your ‘fantastic’ cover letter, you’re probably wrong.

Times are changing and so are the way we apply for jobs – it’s out with cover letters and in with video. Many social media platforms over the past couple of years are prioritising video and here are some reasons why you should be doing this for your job applications too…

You may feel that this is out of your comfort zone, but rest assured, after a couple of practices you will be an expert as you already are in your role, so you just need to be yourself!

Here are some great tips for smashing your video cover letter…

Filming a video cover letter

Don’t be a robot ​

No one wants to watch a video that’s just been read from a script! And the last thing you want to do is just read out your cover letter.

Ditch the script and spend some time practising what you want to say.

Think about their job description and the ways that you fit the role. 

Think about their culture and the ways you’d fit into their team.

Think about your skill set and what you could bring to really enhance their performence.

Bullet points

Bullet point your main talking points so you don’t accidentally find yourself going on a tangent. This will help you get your message across without too much waffle. Start with the main points of your cover letter and condense each one into no more than two or three sentences.

The main selling point of a video is that you can display your passion for the topic, so talk about the things that excite you, and make sure you show it!

Short and sweet

If your video is over 2 minutes long, the employer will switch off. You’re replacing your cover letter with a video to save them time and make it easier to get to know them, so keep it simple. Think of this video as your elevator pitch, quick and to the point.


This is your first impression, no-one wants to employ someone grumpy, so smile, and relax. You use your cover letter to sell your skills, but in a video you get to sell your skills and your personality – make the most of the opportunity!

But this isn’t as formal as my cover letter?

Isn’t it? You could make your video formal if that fits with the culture of the organisation you’re looking to join.  You can be both formal and personable at the same time. But whether you choose to put on a suit and give a quick a overview of your deliverables, or whether you choose to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company and the job role, a video cover letter is a great way for employers to look at potential candidates and invite them to connect and interview. After all, employers are just people like you.

Studies show employers read your CV for only six seconds, so making this engaging video will help you to make a great lasting impression – get noticed and ultimately get hired. Ditch the cover letter and optimise your chances of being hired with video technology.