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You may know that LinkedIn is a compelling way for job seekers to get noticed. So it’s crucial you don’t just have a profile as it won’t necessarily attract the right individuals to your network. Setting some time aside to work on your profile will help you to connect with more like-minded people and make your profile more searchable.

There are many social media platforms such as; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which can be used depending upon which sector you work within. But for most professionals, LinkedIn is the best platform to be signed up to. LinkedIn can help you to connect with recruiters or hiring managers and help you to find your ideal job.

We’ve put together some essential tips that will help your profile get in front of the right people:

Complete every section of your LinkedIn profile

For your LinkedIn profile to be visible to the right people, you should complete every required section of your profile. Ensuring you complete all parts will allow recruiters to see your skills, work experience and projects you have worked on.

Customise your profile URL

It is easy to miss that you can edit the link to your profile. See below image for where to find this option. By default, LinkedIn will have a random string of numbers after your name in the URL.


We suggest you change this to your name, where you have a more popular name such as “John Smith” seek to differentiate this by using your surname first or adding the sector/industry which you work within.

You can upload a profile picture to your profile too. You should keep this image professional, clear and high quality. Try to avoid selfies as these aren’t as professional. 

Upload your best picture!

Show up in searches

To ensure that you show up in recruiters searches, you should try to include keywords that are including withing job descriptions of the roles that you are looking for.

Fill in your profile summary

This section will let you include more about your experience, ambitions, skills, interests and qualifications. The key is to sell your self as much as possible. Also, in this area, you can add documents such as your CV, feedback, videos, presentations, external URLs and contact details.

Be sure to include your contact details

Don’t forget to include your phone number or email address; recruiters need to able to contact you.

Shout about your achievements

Just as you would with your CV include key achievements. Be as clear as possible and include elements such as the budget you managed, the number of employees you managed and any other results or efficiencies you made while working.

Include projects

As LinkedIn allows you to upload different types of documents, it would be ideal for showcasing any projects, or documents that support your experience and knowledge.

For example, if you were a Project Manager within a Facilities Management service provider, involved in the fit-out of a retail site then you could have a case study document or before and after pictures of the fit-out.

It is also useful to try to pull out the key bits of information in these projects such as; “Who benefited from the work?” “Was the project completed on time?” or “Were you able to cut costs by renegotiating with contractors or suppliers?”.

Job section and experience

Don’t leave this blank as a recruiter will not be able to gather much information around your experience and background if you are currently out of work use the job title of the ideal role which you are seeking to move in to.

Don’t forget to include additional skills

Use this section to add any skills, languages spoken, additional qualifications, courses undertaken or volunteering work which you have not mentioned in your profile so far. All skills and experience are relevant!

Ask for recommendations

Don’t shy away from asking previous or current colleagues for a recommendation. Try to ask people who you work very closely with on a day to day basis.

Build your network!

Now you can start to build your network! The first step would be to search for previous and current colleagues as well as friends and family members.

LinkedIn also allows you to follow a company profile page where you can see who is employed there, news and social updates. This is also a great way of building a network with within companies which interest you. Take a look and follow our LinkedIn company page.

Share a post

Share a post now and then. You can share information around the service you offer, testimonials you have received, news items or even something funny. But be sure to be careful about the type of content and keep it professional.

It is also vital to engage with other LinkedIn users posts, comment, like and share, you never know you may gain some exposure and a great connection by having conversations with other people.

Optional: publish an article on LinkedIn

Publishing an article is an optional choice; however, LinkedIn gives you the option to write an article. Writing an article will showcase your expertise and knowledge within your sector, resulting in gaining some additional exposure throughout the network.

Now, you updated your profile, keep engaging!

Now that you have built a strong and engaging LinkedIn profile, you should be able to land your dream job in no time.

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