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We all need to maintain a healthy mind, it plays a vital role in living happy healthy lives. That is why it’s so important we take care of ourselves. This can be done by making some really simple changes to how you live.

We took the time to outline a few key ways that will help you look after your mental health.

Talk to people

The are many studies which indicate that communication is a fundamental need. Despite this, we often forget communication plays a big factor in how we are feeling.

It’s important to keep in contact with people, friends, family and colleagues, building relationships helps us to feel close and valued by people around us.

Try to make a connection in a new way

  • Make a phone/video call instead of emailing or sending a text message
  • Connect with someone new on social media 
  • Ask someone ‘how their weekend/day was’

Keep active

It is important that we keep active throughout the day. Keeping active is not only good for your physical health but also good for your mental health too.

Here a few ways to keep active throughout the day:

  • Join an exercise class 
  • Play a sport such as football or tennis
  • Go for a jog or walk
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine

You can achieve this by making small changes throughout the day such as taking the stairs, schedule set times to take part in gym classes or walking to the shop. There are many ways to increase your activity you just need to find the right activities to suit you.

Eat well

Food can also have an effect on your mental health. We need a mixture of nutrients to stay healthy. Try to eat at least three meals a day and drink loads of water.  Try to limit the amount of high-caffeine and sugary drinks as well as drinking alcohol responsibly.
Try to include different types of food into your diet: 

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Wholegrains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dairy
  • Oily fish
  • Water

Learn something new or do something you’re good at

Is there an activity which you were really good at previously? Is there something new you want to start to do?

Enjoying an activity is a good way to help you release stress. Doing an activity or task that you are good at can often help you feel a sense of achievement and boost your self-esteem at the same time.

Find new activities such as crosswords, sudoku or new hobbies like playing an instrument and drawing. You can also seek to learn new skills and improve the skills you already have. 

Make small changes

Making small changes to your daily routine and habits can help improve your mental health. So what are you waiting for? Try something new or reach out to a long lost friend or colleague. 

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