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Unfortunately, you may have found yourself making difficult decisions around your business and making redundancies on a small or large scale.

Now you’re thinking about how you can best support your employees through the redundancy process and their job search.

Offering your employees an Outplacement service to assist with their job search is increasingly seen as “doing the right thing” by existing employees, and the broader market.

Providing this service to your employees will let the candidate market know that you value the importance of supporting your employees through challenging situations. It will also help you provide continuous support to your employees even after they have departed the business.

Here are five reasons why you should offer Outplacement Support to your employees:

  1. Maintaining engagement with existing employees. Providing the best possible support to employees as they leave the business will help you maintain relationships with employees who remain in the company by showing them you care about their wellbeing.
  2. Protects and strengthens your employer brand and reputation. Redundancies can be high profile news, and cause anxiety or people to ask questions around the situation and how you will treat employees throughout the process. Providing employees with job search support, interviewing skills, and mental wellbeing support can improve how the public view you as an employer in the market.
  3. Speed up the process. Statistically, employees who are offered Outplacement services resettle 50% faster than those not offered the service. Outplacement support helps individuals refocus their goals, align their skills to their job search, finance and budgeting guidance, interviewing skills and wellbeing support.
  4. Smooth career transition. Outplacement support provides tools to help employees transition back into the work environment. Working through the 12 steps of the Outplacement Hub may identify the skills or areas where an individual may need to retrain.
  5. Specialist sector expertise. Using a specialist recruitment partner to deliver Outplacement services will give employees a tailored sector and recruitment expert. This will set your ex-employees apart from the rest of the market. A specialist recruitment partner will understand the market/sector and will be to take candidates to the best-suited employers in the market.

How is our Outplacement services delivered?

To understand how our Outplacement Hub works, please watch this short demo video which walks you through the Outplacement Hub platform.

If you wish to find out more information around how our Outplacement Hub can support you and your employees, please fill in the form to request a confidential chat with one of our directors.

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