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4 Best Practices to Winning the Best Talent in FM (infographic)

September 9, 2019

The best talent is always in high demand.

This can lead to counter offers for top candidates from companies trying to recruit the very best candidates for their business.

So how do you ensure that you are attracting the best talent in today’s candidate-driven market?

It really is essential to understand what is going to motivate and inspire the candidates you want to be recruiting. All interviews are a two-way process and it is the perfect opportunity for you to be promoting your company and values to ensure that you recruit the best candidate out there.

A fundamental part of this is choosing the right recruitment partner, one that understands your needs as a business but also your values to ensure that they can find the closest match possible to your brief.

Using the steps above will help you to attract the best candidates in a candidate-driven market. Remember the job market is a highly competitive market where both employer and candidate need to sell themselves to each other.

So don’t forget to the following points;

  • Are you offering an excellent package?
  • Arrange for somebody to greet the candidate when they arrive
  • Let the candidate know the perks
  • Make your decision quickly

Attracting the right candidates