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Building a CV for anyone can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task, but it is important that your CV is written well and the layout is easy to follow.

That is why Aaron Higgins, Associate Director has written this guide to build the perfect Real Estate CV that will help you secure your ideal role.

Contact details

First, let’s start with your name, location and contact details, you don’t need to include information like your date of birth etc.

Contact Number | Email address

Personal Statement

Secondly, you will need a personal statement. This is a chance to give a brief overview of your work experience and who you are, the skills you have and any career goals you have. Keep this nice and brief, between 50-200 words.

It is also useful to tailor this section to jobs rather than keeping it generic, ensuring that you highlight the skills that match the job description you are applying for.

For example

A [insert your job title] with an [number] of years’ experience within the [industry/market/ sector] sector. I have experience in [areas of expertise]. I’m also highly motivated and driven to achieve business targets and customer expectations.

I am now looking for my next opportunity to within [type of business/industry] business, to develop my skill further and add value to the team.


This is where you have a chance to present your achievements throughout your career. It is usually good to display how you have increased output or improved efficiencies. Add any achievements which you have here.

Work Experience

Now we can tell the potential employer/ recruiter about the roles you have undertaken over the years. Include all relevant roles you have held and ensure all gaps in employment are covered and explained in this area. Ensure these are listed in chronological order with the latest position first. Bullet point the description rather than a lengthy paragraph and highlight any additional achievements.

[Job title] – [Company name] – [Location]
[Date Month Year – Month Year]
Responsibilities and Achievements
  • Give a brief overview of the role and company.
  • Worked in a team of [how many team members].
  • List other additional day to day responsibilities and other achievements

Industry Qualifications, Memberships and Skills

You can present all other relevant industry training and qualifications here.

  • Full driving licence
  • Degree
  • Qualifications such as MRICS, MCIOB, MArch


Now you can let the recruiter or potential employer know about your academic and vocational qualifications. In this section, you should detail where, when and what you studied in chronological order starting with the latest first.
[University/College/School Name]
[Date Year – Date Year]
[Subject] – [Grade]
[Subject] – [Grade]
[Subject] – [Grade]
[College/School Name]
[Date M/Y– Date M/Y]
[Number] GCSEs, grades [range], including Maths and English C and above

Hobbies and Interests

Here you can add in any additional information that may show the employer or recruiter more about you as a person. If you have volunteering experience or manage a local football team in your spare time these would be excellent experiences to include on your CV.


Lastly, we have references.

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