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Josh Greatrix, Managing Consultant in our Management and Operations team, discusses why recruiting ex-military personnel is an excellent fit for the FM and Workplace sector.

Ex-military personnel hold a wide range of skills, experience and aptitude, which are both suitable and transferable to the Facilities Management sector and could add value to teams and businesses.

Personnel within The Armed Forces, Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force are trained to the highest standards in the UK. They will hold experience working with some of the most advanced electrical, mechanical, nuclear, defence and communications systems.

So why are ex-military personnel such a good fit for the Facilities Management sector?

The FM and Workplace Management Sector

As a cross-functional sector, Facilities Management requires candidates that can manage services, functions and people in a variety of environments. Roles within the Facilities Management sector range from HR, Contract Management, Engineering Technicians, and so on, the list is pretty endless.

Not only are the roles endless, but the working environments can be quite complex too. Sites range from pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, retail sites, schools, shopping centres, and data centres, to name a few. The variety of working environments within FM is why the sector requires individuals with specific types of experience, aptitude and skills.

According to IFMA, the required skills sets for professionals within Facilities Management include:

  • Occupancy and human factors
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Efficiency and sustainability
  • Information and technology
  • Risk Management
  • Health and safety, quality and compliance
  • Leadership, strategy and people management
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Finance and commercial
  • Performance, quality and analytics

Transferable skills of ex-military personnel

It’s easy to overlook the transferable skills of ex-military personnel, even though they are trained to the highest standards in the UK. Ex-military personnel have experience working on highly advanced systems and pieces of equipment, and their skillset is ideal for the FM sector, where adaptability is a crucial element needed to succeed.

Don’t forget that ex-military personnel have a solid work ethic and hold the values and ethics taught throughout their military training. This work ethic, combined with their focused attitude, could see a candidate thrive in the FM sector.

Skills which ex-military personnel possess include; project management skills, time management, logistics management, organisational and people management and budget management, to name a few.


Ex-military personnel will be no stranger to working under pressure and reacting calmly to changes or issues which may arise on a day to day basis. Even though FM within different sectors vary and there are different pressures within the environment, ex-military personnel will have experience of analysing and solving problems, working under pressure with limited resources available and managing teams in various situations.

This type of experience is perfect for the Facilities Management sector as the candidate will be able to demonstrate and prove their adaptability and capability to work under various pressures which may arise each day.


According to FullFact.org, around 15,000 people leave the Armed Forces each year, increasing the number of candidates available and looking for work. As ex-military candidates are readily available nationwide, the FM sector should seek to employ ex-military personnel to gain candidates with valuable experience.

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