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Every day this week I have thought “I will do a LinkedIn post today”, but as more news untangles around the COVID-19 situation, I haven’t managed to find the right words to post! As the week now draws to a close, I share all my thoughts in this article.

What have I learnt during this period?

The thing I learnt very quickly this week was this situation is happening whether we like it or not. So how do we deal with it? If you are like me and currently working from home for the foreseeable, see it as an opportunity to let your creative side come out.

This crisis won’t last forever, and it’s an excellent opportunity for you to plan for the future, whether it be business, home life or your personal goals. It’s an ideal time to do all the things you have said “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’m too busy today” if you want to make things work for yourself in this crisis, then now is the time to work harder than ever!

I understand for some people that the unfortunate news of redundancies has happened, and it’s never a good time for situations like this to happen, but how you come out of it, in the end, is your choice. Take this moment of stillness to focus on yourself, to spend time with the family and loved ones, to improve yourself and learn things you would never have had the time to do before. The jobs will return, remember this won’t last forever!

How will I personally deal with this crisis?

I will stick to a routine in my working day, and I will keep in regular contact with my colleagues via facetime and phone calls. I will be there for my clients and candidates, whether they need recruitment needs or just a friendly chat.

I will work harder than ever to make sure my team at Boden Group come out of this crisis with the best possible mindset of smashing our goals in 2020!

Remember to stay positive!

So please, work hard, stay productive, stay positive, and remember this won’t last forever! Now is the time to focus on you, your loved ones and the goals surrounding you. Take this opportunity and run with it, tough times bring out those who want it more than ever!

If you wish to have a chat with me regarding your job search or just need a friendly ear to listen, please contact me on 07376240695.

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