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The composite elements to an FM package are changing, from keeping lights on, buildings warm/cool, secure, clean and safe. All of these elements have been the standard for FM companies over the last decade. But as the workplace has modernised the service, FM companies provide has been slowly changing and adapting.

With an increasing Millennial workforce and the onset of Generation Z entering the workplace, organisations are having to up their workplace game to attract the brightest talent and retain the sharpest minds.

The corporate expectations around a workplace have dramatically accelerated over the years. It has previously been the biggest tech giants that embraced the innovative, funky and open office approach. Fast-forward a few years, and we now have quirky design consultancies, legal, media, tech and global manufacturers devising new ways of attracting and retaining staff. FM service providers have to find a way to drive a fantastic workplace experience to retain staff and enhance employee performance.

As a specialist FM and Workplace recruitment business, the assignments and appointments we are asked to work on have seen a change in the last five years. With a real emphasis on staff that can shape and evolve workplace experiences. From the common-sense initiatives such as air quality, availability of water and enhanced security. Through to the established coffee and catering brands setting up shop in canteens, providing à la carte food, in house creches and areas for staff to bring dogs into work.

New technology is in play, with apps that order your coffee on the morning commute and automatic lighting to ensure better performance within the workplace. Outside of the workplace, stadiums such as Wimbledon have huge TV screens along with deck chairs and Pimm’s! There is a substantial creative element to office design, Willy Wonka’s mad laboratory springs to mind for one tech organisation.

In some sectors, FM organisations are having to provide services similar to a 7-star hotel, as standard. These services can include life and death issues, such as having warm milk available for coffee or company umbrellas that are rolled perfectly and uniformly each time.

While the standard service lines delivered by FM companies remain vital and the need for engineering, security, cleaning and catering is on-going. There is a constant request for staff at all levels that have the ability and creative flair for identifying workplace projects and initiatives that will drive corporate retention and attraction.

The new wave of city workers may base their choice of employer, on what the brand has to offer and where they feel they can be creative, driven and comfortable opposed to the number of holidays and bonuses available. One thing for sure, the standard of table football and table tennis has gone through the roof in the corporate world in the last ten years.

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