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As technology develops, businesses need to adapt to the advancements technology can offer. Video technology is one of those advancements which business will be trying to use for many different purposes whether that is promotion, personal use or social media marketing. 

Video is definitely something that businesses should be integrating into their recruitment process, for various reasons. At Boden Group we have implemented a video technology that allows you to interview candidates from any location and review a shortlist of candidates at a time that suits you.  

Why are BodenConnect and video interviewing so effective?

Avoid scheduling issues

When scheduling interviews for successful candidates, ensuring two or more individuals can be in the same location at the same can be tricky. With video interviewing technology we can almost alleviate this issue as you will only need each person taking part in the interview process to be available at an agreed time. Or you can have candidates pre-record their responses to a series of pre-set questions for the interviewer to review. Which removes the need for an interviewer to be present for the interview to take place.  

Can help promote your employer brand

Using BodenConnect and video interviewing you can give the candidate a brief overview of the team and a virtual tour of the offices they may be located in if they are successful. 

This can also make younger candidates feel like the employer is on board with new technology trends and changes.
You can use video to present your employers brand in a variety of different ways, this can be short interviews with current employees about their experience working for the business, a tour of the offices, a group video call with the team and the list goes on. 

Streamlining the interview process

With BodenConnect and video interviewing, recruiters can streamline the process, by removing the need for hiring managers to attend every interview/ meeting with a candidate in person. This can help shortlist the right candidates before you commit to scheduling face to face interviews and meetings. 

Video can be used to improve and streamline the whole hiring process. You can use this to reach and attract more candidates, present your employer brand in more creative ways. You can also test and interview your candidates through pre-recorded videos or you can hold video calls with the candidate.

How to get started with using video

These are some of the key reasons why BodenConnect and video interviewing can transform your hiring process. So let’s get started!

You don’t need a massive budget or experience of using video, you can use a smartphone with a good camera to record. Check out our tips for recording your own videos.

Find out how BodenConnect can support and transform your interview process.

What is BodenConnect?

BodenConnect is a video interviewing platform, it’s used for conducting interviews through technology remotely. This can be done via a pre-recorded video; where the candidate submits a video introduction or answers pre-set questions. (We call this a solo interview.)

Alternatively, if you wish to keep the traditional interview format you can have a video call with the candidate which can be recorded for you to review after the interview or send over to other stakeholders to review.  

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