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As we quickly approach the next festive holiday, (Christmas, yes I said it), there is still much uncertainty in the FM and broader markets. However, the FM sector is still quite active, and there are lots of insightful conversations around what is currently happening in the market to be had with candidates and clients.

Over the last few months, I have spent time recruiting for various roles from Business Development Directors to Client Solutions Directors. There is currently an influx of highly skilled and talented professionals available in the market however I am seeing that candidates are quite sceptical about switching jobs during this time due to the “last in, first out” saying.

Needless to say, there is a lot of competition with less Business Development vacancies available and an increased amount of candidates in the market. Candidates must do everything they can to differentiate themselves from their competition, whether this is through CV layouts, video introductions/CVs, gaining extra qualifications such as APMP or presentations.

As COVID-19 has resulted in the reduction of face to face contact, we are seeing the time from vacancy advertised to time spent interviewing shortened, as employers and candidates are more open to using video to conduct interviews.

The general consensus around tenders and new contract bids in the FM market was to either extend or hold contracts for 6/12 months. I am currently seeing that some of these contracts are now coming to tender and Business Development professionals are being brought back to work from furlough to bid for these contracts.

I am also having many conversations with candidates and clients where there are internal team restructures happening to accommodate for the influx or reduction of work during this time.

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