A letter to the young leader of the year finalists

October 15, 2021
Rowena Wilding

Rowena Wilding

Rowena is Senior Marketing Manager at Boden Group, having joined the company after leading the Marketing team at an international facilities management organisation. She is passionate about sustainability and the environment.

We were graciously asked to participate in the PFM and EWL Young Leader of the Year finalists event, where I was proud to be able speak to the four finalists:

This is our third year of sponsoring the Young Leader of the Year Award, which is something we genuinely love doing, and we’re pleased to have this opportunity to speak directly to the Young Leader of the Year finalists.

Boden Group is a recruitment partner, working in the Facilities Management space, so we’ve spent the past decade getting to know the FM sector really quite well. 

Honestly, if we had a pound for every time we’ve heard someone say they fell into facilities management, we could probably shut up shop and retire!

But if we’ve learned anything over the past 10 years, it’s that the facilities sector is a vital and rewarding place to be. I came from a facilities organisation myself, and have seen first hand how many extraordinarily talented people there are working within FM.

And it’s never been a more exciting sector to work in – if the pandemic has done anything, it’s shown every business just how important workspace management is in keeping them open and running, and keeping their staff healthy and happy.

Now more than ever, facilities management has a seat at the table in helping to set strategy, in planning for the future, and in thinking creatively about how the workplace of the future might function.

There’s no secret that the FM sector has a skills shortage. And it’s no secret that right now, every company is vying for talent in an incredibly small pool. One of the reasons we love the Young Leader of the Year Award, and choose to sponsor it, is because we believe the answer to these problems is, in fact, you.

Your talent, your creativity, your innovative ways of thinking – those are what this industry is crying out for.

Whether that’s in the way you run your business, the way you liaise with your clients, the way you provide your services, or the way you position yourself and your brand within the marketplace, each of you have shown just how vital it is to have young leaders within FM organisations.

As Young Leader of the Year finalists, you stand as an inspiration to other young candidates, looking at building a career. You stand as proof to leaders within other FM organisations that putting young candidates into leadership positions is absolutely the right thing to do. And you bring to the table a new perspective – one that will benefit our sector and our planet.

For you, this is a fantastic opportunity to build your personal brand, to grow your network within the FM sector and beyond, and to showcase everything you have to offer.

But for us it’s an opportunity to look again at what we mean when we think of great leaders. To recalibrate our picture, and remind ourselves of the importance of diversity in our leadership teams.

Everyone at Boden Group wants to congratulate you on getting to the finalist stage of this fantastic award – all four of you are brilliant examples of leaders within your industry, and we’re certain that each of you will continue on to have an extraordinary career with FM.