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The last 3 weeks have seen unprecedented change and disruption to the FM industry, UK and globally.

Every person in our industry has their own story of how they have been affected personally and professionally by Coronavirus and we all know of somebody who has been taken ill or worse.

It’s for this reason I wanted to reach out to all of the FM industry today.

In my role as MD of Boden Group, I am fortunate to hear of numerous examples of what people in the FM industry at all levels have done to protect colleagues, support their employers and employees, continue to service their customers, and most impressively to, put themselves at risk to serve our most vulnerable in Hospitals and Healthcare sites in all corners of the UK.

We should celebrate all of these small stories of human kindness as together these people create a much larger narrative of what is happening in FM today.

There is a feeling across the UK that we will come out of this crisis as a kinder, more supportive society, and I truly hope and believe that this will be reflected in the FM and Recruitment industries.

The months ahead will be extremely tough, with the true impact on FM and the wider economy still unknown but I believe that when we come out of the other side we will have learnt that there is a better way to interact, treat each other, and work in proper partnerships.

I want to personally thank every individual in FM who is going the extra mile to do the best they can in the worst of times, you’re a credit to
yourself and to our industry.

Our team at Boden Group are fully engaged in supporting our customers who are delivering remarkable services at the front line all over the UK. My team are also a real credit to themselves and to Boden Group.

We are available for a call or a BodenConnect video conference if you want to hear a friendly voice and a chat about what is going on out there.

Let’s keep talking and keep close.

Good luck all.

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