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Our Boden Group team has grown a lot over the years, and we continue to welcome new and talented people on board.

Facilities Management is an element of your everyday life which can often go unnoticed. FM services providers ensure that the day to day running of venues, offices and business that you use every day can function efficiently and with as little mishaps as possible. So let’s find out more about what FM recruitment can offer you.

What’s interesting about Facilities Management?

Every single day is different within FM, and you will be faced with many different situations. FM is a crucial element to many of your day to day encounters whether that be shopping, going to work, travelling to another country or attending a concert. The FM industry offers many different routes to fit a person’s skills set, whether this is in engineering, customer services, sales, team leadership, admin or contract support. In FM, you can build your career according to your skills set and that’s one of the many reasons why FM is so great!

What skills are required to be successful in recruitment?

The most important skill you will need in FM recruitment is to be super organised and have the patience of a saint! Communication skills are also vital in any recruitment, as you will be speaking with contractors, clients or candidates daily. But to be genuinely successful in recruitment, you must also be able to think fast and act even quicker depending on the situation you are faced with.

Why choose a career in FM recruitment?

Even if you have worked in the recruitment industry before, joining Boden Group can provide you with the opportunity to leverage your skills and profession. All of our recruitment consultants are specialists within their divisions and have a 360 role in facilities management recruitment. The great thing about combining FM and recruitment is that it makes your job more enjoyable and rewarding while you use and develop your core strengths.

What makes working in FM recruitment enjoyable?

Recruitment is a demanding but extremely rewarding industry to work in. You get out 100% of what you put in, and you can see your hard work turn into success in front of you. You will communicate daily with different clients and candidates to build long-lasting relationships and broaden your network. Recruitment requires you to be understanding of others as everyone is different and so is their situation, but day by day you learn how to become better at this. We provide a lot of training here at Boden Group, to help you develop your skills as well as build a successful career in recruitment. You will be able to become an expert in the specialist division you recruit for. With all the above being said, we hope you have learnt something new about FM Recruitment and what it has to offer. If you like what you’ve seen so far, and would like to be part of the Boden Group team and share our ambition for success, you can e-mail us at [email protected] to arrange a time for an informal chat.

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