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At Boden Group we specialise in Facilities Management and Property Recruitment.

We are always looking for fresh bright-eyed Recruitment Consultants to fill positions for our growing team in our Birmingham and London offices. So what characteristics make a great Consultants? We’ve outlined 8 characteristics below.
  1. You are ambitious – your ambition, dedication, enthusiasm, positivity will all drive you to be a successful Recruitment Consultants.
  2. You are enthusiastic and positive –  being able to stay positive and enthusiastic will result in you being a successful, positive-minded Recruitment Consultant.
  3. You are a Team Player – you love being part of a team, sharing expertise and knowledge with team members.
  4. You have a friendly manner –  you speak with professionalism and have a friendly manner while speaking to clients and candidates over the phone or face to face.
  5. You are organised – you know who you are calling, who you’re interviewing or which roles you are currently working on, then you’re in the right job! It is imperative that Recruitment Consultants are organised, efficient multitaskers who aim to be as productive as they can.
  6. You have excellent listening skills – What is the candidate searching for? What is the Client asking for? It is important that you listen and ask the right questions to the hiring managers and candidates to ensure you are filling the roles with the best candidate.
  7. You care – As a Recruitment Consultant, you are the middleman between clients and candidates. You treat candidates with respect and courtesy at all times.
  8. You go the extra mile – Going the extra mile for your clients or candidates or even your team members will determine if you make a successful Recruitment Consultant.
Do you feel you have it takes to become a Boden Group Recruitment Consultant? If you think you have what it takes then send in your CV to apply.

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