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So from lockdown, I’ve gained resilience and the value of time. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands I think everyone has had a lot of 
times where you kind of have to have to look and find things to do, during work hours outside of work hours and trying to become more productive.  

You realize how much time, and I’ve definitely realised how much time I’ve actually had.  How long 24 hours is especially when you’re trying to fill you know every waking hour of the day with something to do. When there was nowhere to go and for a period of time, no work to do you had to get creative, had to get productive and yeah it was just sort of really getting to grips with how much time/how long an actual hour is.

And almost when things did get back to normal or when you can see things getting normal, it just gave me a realisation of how much time I actually do have in a day, in an hour and what I can do with that time. So not to just squander time.   

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